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MonsterThrash (Brass Band)

MonsterThrash (Brass Band)



Written for the 2019 Brass in Concert Championships for the Flowers Brass Band.


Prepare for the fright of a lifetime as MonsterThrash takes you to the murky depths of the ocean where all sorts of unsavoury creatures lurk, waiting to devour you! From Ancient Greek mythology, Hydra a Serpentine creature with many heads guards the underworld. You can try and chop its head off but two will grow back! Be sure to escape this first monster quickly as its poisonous breath and blood will kill you instantly! Next up to thrash you are the wickedly enchanting sirens, who aim to seduce you with their looks and mesmerising singing, but will carve you up for their dinner! If you’ve made it this far… be prepared to face your final threat, The Leviathan! Often described as an Dragon dwelling in the watery abyss. Enormous in size, the Leviathan is said to represent the forces of chaos. When the Leviathan is hungry he sends forth from his mouth a heat so great it makes the water of the deep boil. Only the bravest of sailors can withstand these wicked beasts, if your not up to the MonsterThrash, be prepared to spend the rest of your days in the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker!  

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